For many of us, attics provide optimal storage options. For others, a complete remodel of our attic is in order, from providing more storage options to recreating the traditional attic space to a new room for our abodes.

Attic Organization Tips

If you’re looking to make your attic more organizationally friendly, here are some tips to get your attic in tip-top shape:

Do you really need everything?
A lot of times, we put things in our attics because we want to keep them — although we may not use or need them. Look through boxes, bags and other things to decide if you want to keep, throw away or donate items. If you barely use an item, then you may want to throw it away or donate it. Cutting down on the clutter will help as you begin to organize your attic.

Inventory what you are keeping.
Place items in categories. For example, place your seasonal clothing items in a plastic bin in one part of your attic. Put your holiday decorations in another section. If you’re keeping your children’s old toys, place them in a temperature-safe box. Be sure to label boxes with a Sharpie or label maker to know the contents and location of everything.

Choose your method of organization.
Install shelving, either metal or wood, to help stack boxes and save floor space. Pick some plastic storage bins and boxes suited to your needs. Consider installing some hooks to hang items for added space. Hang banners, fishing rods and other items to save more shelf and floor space. Add some secure flooring, if necessary. Place your items in “zones” to assess where you keep specific items.

Attic Remodel Tips

Before you overhaul your attic space for a quaint staycation getaway or a kids’ playroom, be sure to do the following:

  • Get your attic up to building codes. Consult a professional to see if your square-footage space and ceiling heights are up to code. See about your access points to the attic. If you have stairs to your attic, then access will be easy. If your attic has a drop-down ladder, then consider a new access point or installing a spiral staircase. Of course, it all depends on the layout of your home. Each home is unique.
  • Research floor, ceiling and wall options perfect for your space. Some people choose wood paneling on the ceilings, for example, to accommodate the more unique ceiling shapes.
  • Install a ceiling fan to help regulate the temperature.
  • Find LED-friendly light fixtures to save money and refrain from any extra heat. Bring in natural light when you can, either through a window or skylight.
  • Spray-foam insulation is a good option for saving overhead space for your ceilings while also providing more precise temperature regulation. It’s a little more costly, but it keeps more air in and out. Also, it helps to reduce upper-level noise in your home.
  • Check out the plumbing if you plan to put in a bathroom in your attic.
  • Use built-in shelving and drawers to maximize your floor space. Leave no space unused.
  • Plan your space around your dormers. Add a window and associated window seat or bed to capitalize on your home’s exterior and interior features.
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