Decks and Porches

Decks and porches tend to receive a lot of wear and tear. They are the entry and exit points of our homes and are exposed to the elements and other environmental aspects. They provide relaxation for individuals and families, housing grills, porch swings, plants and more.

In order to keep your decks and porches in the best condition and to repair existing structures, use this list to see the most telling signs that your porch or deck needs repaired or renovated. Most of these options are inexpensive fixes.

  • The wooden floor boards, railings, ceilings, support posts, etc., are broken, cracked, lose or rotten. Your deck or porch could be wobbly.
  • The posts on the porch or deck aren’t supported well — they are not under a beam or joist. They could have nails in the posts instead of more secure bolts.
  • Nails are missing in joist hangers, floorboards, railings, etc.
  • The concrete flooring is cracked.
  • Your outside carpet is worn, frayed and stained.
  • The supports are older and weak.
  • Your wooden steps move or your concrete steps are cracked and/or crumbling.
  • Your deck’s ledger board (the board against the house that holds up the deck) is falling off your house, isn’t watertight or doesn’t have flashing.
  • Your home’s gutters are allowing for standing water near the porch or deck’s foundation or supports, which weakens them. Or perhaps your porch and/or deck are uncovered.

Deck and Porch Renovation

Adding a new porch or deck or renovating existing ones can increase your curb appeal, home worth and resale value. Plus, it can increase your overall happiness. Porches and decks are wonderful ways to relax and entertain. Your Return on Investment (ROI) could be as high as 73 percent for a new deck and between 30 to 60 percent for a new or renovated porch.

Go with your home’s theme

If you have a Victorian home, then take elements from that theme and era to create your porch or deck. If you have a craftsman home, then you wouldn’t want something Mediterranean. Capture your home’s integrity and personality. Choose the wood, concrete, posts and other items during your renovation process.

Know your outside space’s purpose

If you want to entertain more, a new deck could feature seating, a table fire pit, an outdoor kitchen or anything else that goes with that theme. If you want your front porch to be a relaxing space, install a porch swing and chairs. Potted plants, window boxes and a fountain could add to an “oasis” theme.

Seal your concrete and stain your deck boards

Sealing your concrete floors, steps and other elements can prevent people from slipping and give an extra lifespan that prevents cracking. Staining your deck floors, rails, steps and other components waterproofs the wood and keeps it looking newer for a longer period of time. Also, installing plastic floors and rails helps to prevent warping and other issues caused by outside elements.

Consult a professional

If you are uncomfortable repairing or renovating a porch or deck, consult a professional. Professionals can provide quotes and ensure the jobs are completed in a timely fashion.

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