Home Security

Home security doesn’t have to be a massive expense for homeowners and renters. You can make small improvements that make a big impact and keep your doors, windows and overall house safe.

Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

These tips could help prevent intruders from making their way into your home:

Don’t Announce When You Aren’t Home

In today’s social-media age, many of us are quick to post photos of vacations and other times when we are away from home. Someone could see this and decide to burglarize your home. Post photos when you return.


Plant smaller plants near the windows and avoid larger trees, shrubs and bushes. This is a way for someone to conceal himself or herself near windows and doors.

Items in Plain Sight

Anything that has any sort of value should be concealed within your home. If you have a new television, break down the box and put it in a garbage bag to conceal it. Use blinds and dark curtains so people can’t see inside your home. If you have an expensive car, bike, yard equipment or more, keep them in a secure place. If you don’t have a garage, point an outside camera in the direction of your vehicle.

Security-System Stickers

If you have a particular brand of security system, do not put the brand’s sticker in your yard. This gives intruders a tip on how to bypass or disarm your security system. Use a generic sticker expressing that you have a security system in place.


Consider getting a dog, if you don’t already have on, to have an extra sense of protection. Barking can scare intruders away.

Rotate Your Schedule

If you can, try to leave your home and come back at different times. Intruders often assess the neighborhoods and houses prior to break-ins, so always be on alert.

Products for Home Security

Several products exist that homeowners can install themselves, adding an extra sense of security and easing troubled minds. Here are some inexpensive ways to protect your home from intruders:

Wifi Cameras:

Several home-security system cameras are on the market now. These cameras can be easily installed inside or outside your home and stream instantly to your smart phone or computer. They use wifi and allow you to keep a watch on your home and its contents while you are not home. Point these cameras to key entry points of your home.

Door and Windows:

You can purchase sensors that plug directly into receptacles and window-break or window-open alarms to either begin your own alarm system or add some extra protection to your current alarm system. Make sure you have strong locks on your doors and windows and always leave them locked. Use deadbolts on doors and window sash locks on upstairs windows.


Have bright porch lights and other lighting on the outside of your home. Buy timers to ensure that your lights are always on at night. If your neighborhood is especially dark, use dusk-to-dawn sidewalk lighting, motion-censored lighting and more to illuminate your home, making it more difficult for intruders.

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