Latest tech gadgets for the home

For homeowners wanting to upgrade your home’s technology, several options are available. From affordable to expensive, there are items that fit everyone’s needs and budgets. Even if you have a limited budget, you can install upgrades that will elevate your home into the 21st Century and beyond. You don’t have to break the bank while remodeling to make your home more environmentally friendly and comfortable.

Smart Faucets

Save money on your water bill by installing a smart faucet in your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your home. It’s eco-friendly and helps to reduce your carbon footprint by saving more than 15,000 gallons of water per unit on an annual basis. Plus, it’s perfect for kids and the elderly, as you do not need to touch the faucet itself for it to work. Sensors do all the work for you.

Wireless Speakers

Purchasing wireless speakers are a cost-effective way to stream your favorite music, podcasts and more. You can control the speakers on phone apps, and wireless speakers don’t take up a lot of room. It’s a small upgrade that adds value to your home’s technology and multiple rooms.

Smart Thermostat

The days of getting up from the sofa and changing your home’s temperature are now over. Installing a smart thermostat allows you to control the thermostat from your phone, tablet, computer — or your own voice. You will save money and be able to schedule your home’s temperatures when you are not home, making it comfortable when you do return home.

Wireless LED bulbs

Most of us have started to incorporate LED lights in our homes to save money on electric bills and be more mindful of our environment. Plus, LED lights last longer than traditional light bulbs. Now, you can install wireless LED light bulbs that can be controlled by a few clicks on your smart phone. Turn your lights off and on while in your home or if you’re away. You can even set lighting on a schedule, such as turning off all nights before bedtime.

Air Purifier

Maintain your home’s humidity and control odors by purchasing an air purifier. It’s a small gadget from Ecomgear that has a USB port and can be taken anywhere: home, office, vehicle and more. It purifies and circulates air while using less power.

Motion Sensor Power Strip/Surge Protector

Most of us want to keep our electronics protected from power surges by using power strips. Some power strips on the market are even motion sensitive, turning off when they cannot detect human movement for 30 minutes. They even feature three outlets (out of eight) that you can always leave on, which can be ideal for routers and other networking equipment and gaming consoles.

During the remodeling process, you can also choose to install wifi-enabled doorbells, video home-security systems, door and window sensors, remote-control window shades and video baby monitors. These gadgets, as well as others, help make homeowners during remodeling that will make small but significant upgrades to their homes.

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