Outdoor Trends for your home

Everyone wants a home that has curb appeal design that has others thinking, “Wow, that is a great idea. Their home looks wonderful.” In addition, regular maintenance, either through Do-It-Yourself or hired contractor methods, is an effective way to ensure your home’s longevity.

While maintenance is at the forefront, such as energy-conservation tactics and warmer colors for siding, shutters and front doors, there are also some low-cost ways you can spice up your home’s outdoor look.


It’s important to maintain your home’s outward appearance and functionality during each season. In spring, clean out your gutters, check exterior drainage systems, do any outside painting of doors and windows, weed your garden, inspect your roof and replace window screens (if needed). In summer, repair your deck or patio, check your external dryer vent and take care of any pests. Fall is a good time to turn off and clean out your external water faucets, clean your chimney, test your sump pump and see if your driveway needs any repairs. In winter, be sure to clean off icicles, check for standing water on the roof and check locks on windows and doors. This routine seasonal maintenance could help prevent more serious problems down the line.

Decor and Furniture

Color blocking is a 2017 trend that uses a block of color to highlight a specific thing, such as a planter or other area, particularly on a back patio. Many homeowners (and renters alike) enjoy color blocking because it’s an inexpensive way to add color and personality to their patio or deck. You could also use color blocking with rugs or other porch furniture if you can’t paint a wall or hang something on siding, for example.

In addition, 2017 trends point toward making the outdoor and indoor home spaces blend, which creates an effortless flowing of spaces. According to HGTV, some popular 2017 trends include: fire tables (and not just fire pits in the backyard); metallic, contemporary furniture; larger outdoor tables for entertaining; vintage seating; and more.

Gardens and Patios

A garden is a sure way to garner curb appeal. Planting easy-to-maintain plants, such as dwarf shrubs, will give you more time to devote to other things while also adding some pops of color and life to an outdoor space. Mixing old and new methods will give your home an extra boost and also establish you as a trendsetter in your neighborhood. Rigidly sticking to one particular style is outdated, and a new/old mashup will showcase your home’s personality. For example, blend old French country and new geometric shapes for a classic and modern approach to flowerbeds, decor and more. Experts also suggest using more natural and reused materials for your gardens, such as railway ties and free-form decks.

In addition, 2017 trends point toward planting grass mixes that do not need to be mowed as much, such as Habiturf. With people leading such busy lives, the once-manicured lawns of yesteryear are slowly beginning to lapse with the times. More and more people are using their lawns for family activities and other things, so the days of just-for-show lawns aren’t in the 2017 and beyond trends forecast.

With technological advances, the way you water your garden can even be managed from your smartphone. So, research the latest apps and other trends to see if they can help you discover outdoor trends perfect for your home.

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