Room Additions

What Are Some Room Additions Types?

Sometimes, we outgrow our living spaces. It’s a part of life. Our families may grow — or we may accumulate too many items for our current space. We could need an updated kitchen or a larger bathroom. Perhaps we want to add a themed room under our roof, such as a home movie theater, office or kids’ playroom. Whatever the reason, a home addition could be just the renovation you need for your home.

Some of the most popular renovations and room additions are kitchens, bathrooms, decks and extra bedrooms. Of course, you most likely have a current one of these rooms and exterior extras, but you could change the layout of your home to place rooms in different areas of the home and give you the flow and functionality your house needs.

What Are The Benefits of Room Additions?

If you are considering building on to your home or renovating a current area for a different purpose, here are some benefits of taking this new endeavor:

Your new space can give new life — and opportunity — to your home.

The possibilities for your new space can give way to DIY or hired ideas and projects. You will be able to research new paint colors, design ideas, functionality, theme, decor and more. Once you have a purpose, you will be able to build your idea from the ground up, and your project will become reality.

Your house’s property value will increase.

If you build on to your home, your square footage could increase. You could choose to build a sunroom or an entire addition in your backyard. No matter the purpose, adding upgrades will help to make your house more valuable to potential sellers, if you decide to sell. But, be mindful of your new space. You want it to be consistent with the rest of your home’s design and flow.

It could prevent you from having to move. It’s less expensive that purchasing another home.
Moving usually isn’t the most fun process. By renovating your home or adding on to it, you could extend its lifespan. If you love your current home, then consider building on to it in order to remain there.

You will get some extra storage.

If you’re running out of room, you could add some storage in your new space. That could come in the form of extra closets, built-in shelves and more. It could bring more organization to your home and decrease the build-up of clutter.

It could increase your overall quality of life.
If your room addition or renovation is a family-oriented space, then that means you could have more time to spend with those you love. You could use your new space to entertain to relax. Thus, this will enable you to lead a happier, fulfilled life.

Room additions can be costly, depending on the scale of your ideas and projects. If you’re attempting to add a room addition or renovate on a budget, be sure to do your research and assess your finance options and budget. Here are some basic updates to liven up your living spaces: a fresh coat of paint, new electrical work (especially to ensure it’s up to code), new handles on doors and cabinets, updated light fixtures, new windows and doors and more.

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