Home improvements that increase home value

6 improvements to your home that will increase the value according to real estate experts and gives the most recovery of costs when you sell:

  1. Replacing your front door- Old doors can be a huge source of energy loss, and also look outdated. Doors are a 75% recovery return.
  2. New Siding- Fiber Cement siding shows a 79% return and holds up much better than vinyl and looks outstanding.
  3. Kitchen upgrade- Minor kitchen updates, such as cabinets or flooring or new appliances will get you a 67% return at sale.
  4. Decks and patios- This gives you a great way to expand space and be with nature. Decks will give you a 65% return at sale.
  5. Turning attic space into a bedroom- You can gain living space, the walls and floor and ceiling are already there helping costs. This will get you a 53% return and additional space to advertise.
  6. New garage door- New garage doors provide a big boost to your curb appeal, and can be a inexpensive over all fix. Replacing a garage door will give you a 87% return at sale.
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